2nd yo-yo “NUDE TRUMP”

NUDE TRUMP was developed based on the concept of expressing the "versatility" of the yo-yo.

The “NUDE TRUMP” is a yo-yo that can be played in a variety of ways, highlighting one of the aspects of the U.S. Navy culture of bringing playing cards (with nude pictures) on board when going to sea. There is little entertainment at sea, so the cards were either played as cards or enjoyed by viewing them.

We expressed the different ways to enjoy the playing cards by having flat bearings and slim bearings, and creating a yo-yo that allows you to choose your preferred play-style, whether responsive or unresponsive.

Like the AUTHENTIC, we have also focused on the performance and texture of this yo-yo.

Diameter: 57.5 mm
Width: 40.1 mm
Weight: 63.3 g
Bearing size: Type C and C-(slim bearing)