1st yo-yo “AUTHENTIC”

AUTHENTIC was developed as the first yo-yo for LAID BACK SWING.

To launch our brand, we wanted to create what we consider to be the most authentic yoyo as our flagship model.

We decided on a round and organic shape because it gives the most retro vibe from previous yo-yo history.

The “AUTHENTIC” was born under the theme of "retro and modern," “never gets old to play with,” and "blends in with a variety of scenes”.

Also, we focused on developing the ideal texture and shape though repeated prototyping.

The artwork was inspired by the word “AUTHENTIC” itself. Some examples would be the Ivy League and American Baseball.

Give it a go. This product should make yo-yos fun for adults.

Diameter: 56.0 mm
Width: 44.7 mm
Weight: 63.4 g
Bearing size: Type C